Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Better Late than Never ...

Oh - nothing so dramatic as my blog title suggests.. This week I've been out on a long-weekend for a trip to my parents and by the time I could blink, it's Wednesday !!!!!

A sniff and a groan before full blown out tears... Yeah, me, after all my pep-talks inspired by DH - about things happening at right time and for the right reasons - yada yada.. and all this is because of the "pitch" I polished, wrote-rewrote and sent off to Donna's contest didn't place ! For that matter - it didn't even get a honorable mention and this does pinch. So give me a moment to get my handkerchief out and ensure no tear-drops mar the laptop ! A glaring error is staring right back at me - Misuse of a word that has an entirely different meaning to the whole aspect.. A tilt from positive to negative and am sure that's one of the reasons why mine didn't get anywhere close. :'( Reaching for another batch of tissues to wipe the teary deluge...

Now, that's done and over with, making me feel much better - I really convey my heartfelt congrats to those who caught her eye and from 11, they are down to 5. In a week, after they send in their first chapters, Donna would choose the ONE ! The person who she'd mentor for a whole year towards publication..And isn't that great of her :) I wish after I get published, I can be atleast a fraction of how good/sweet/wonderful the authors like Donna, Anna Hackett, Rachel Bailey (to name a few) are :)

But there's a silverlining to the whole experience, apart from honing my skills and putting myself out there.. :-D

If one read's between the lines, Donna has mentioned about some key words being catchy and it includes one what I put in my pitch - survivor's guilt !!! Yahoo !!!! Doing a happy dance here... Er, Isn't it a known fact that we ladies are driven by hormones and jump from one end of the "mood" spectrum to the other in no time? And to top it all, she'll be sending out feedback for each of the pitch entries she received for the contest, totalling 80. You heard it right it's - EIGHTY ! Wow ! I am rubbing my hands in glee, checking my mails very often, just to get a mail from her !

Hey, that being said.. I am really slogging out here. Lookie what all I got in my plate (if the progress bars on the left bottom of the blog isn't an obvious indicator)...

Donna's pitch was done last week - one down ! Two to go!

Nocturne pitch to be sent off to Rae. And start revising my completed Bite. If someone wants to know why - the reason is - hero isn't Alpha enough !! I got to tighten up the screw a bit, push him more towards his alpha behaviour and though I know theoritically what he is supposed to be, I am still hitting a wall when it comes to making him behave so.. What's stopping me? Well, (a sheepish expression here), one thing is, I have time till Feb 9th to polish mine before the actual pitch and the other reason is : the extra stuff on my plate ! Details below..

The other story - which I have plans of completing within this week (since that's the time I have before the window of opportunity closes)... I am about 2/3rd done and really trying to put "them" on paper, edit and prepare a synopsis and send.. Whew.. thinking about it is making my heart drum faster here.. so, let me stop my ramblings and get on with it.....

Hence the other important thing - to spit out seven secrets on mine and choose seven nice blogs - to hand over "Kreativ" blogger award - is postponed by yet another week or two ... Blame it on my self-packed schedule.. And don't feel bored by the looong wait.. pretty please???

Here I go, chanting, Complete the MS, Alpha, Complete the MS, Alpha, ... (you got the funda, right?)


  1. Hi Ju,

    It's a veritable minefield: pitching/blurbs, premise/synopsis!

    Publishers in the USA want your work spelled USA dictionary, no matter where you're from.

    UK pubs prefer UK dictionary, but tolerate USA spelling from US authors.

    Where one publisher goes the "be brief" route, another wants "give me all the gen up to three pages".

    Some publishers want a brief bio, others not.

    Some want a brief introduction, others not.

    For some authors three pages equates to first chapter, while others aren't happy with less than ten + pages.

    One way or another an author can get blown clean out of the water for not looking ahead! ;)

  2. Yeah Francine, I totally agree with you :)

    It is a tough go for me to keep my word document set at US grammar / spelling while I type away with UK English. Even some of my dialogues may be inclined towards an "unknown" accent because of the same reason - Since English is my second language and we don't converse anywhere except in office ! LOL ! But you can't point a finger yet since am learning all the way - loaded with guns and barrels!

    And on the blurb/synopsis/pitch and stuffs - I am targetting novellas (using the reason that I'm a beginner into writing) and imagine when I think I got the hang of one thing, ie the blurb/pitch part, I have to now - complete my story on time, and not only that write a minimum 2 page synopsis before submission to an anthology..

    Hats off to all who manage wearing different hats and deliver the punch every time !