Thursday, October 14, 2010

First anniversary of my blog :)

Okay.. today is the day last year that "the shy/introverted" me decided to open up in a public place and I'd thought.... what better way to start my own blog... 

Initially I was kind of lost for words..and decided like.. might be this is a good place to talk about my writing and things I learnt on the way.. When writing slowed down a bit and I started making a few friends in blogosphere and well, sharing the "non-writing" part helped to overcome the block.. with inspirations and encouragement..

Then I had a sprinkling of fairy dust in way of winning a pitch contest and one editor liking another story I'd sent and so on... but well.. most of them ended in R's and even then..being in the mid of writing buddies and blogger friends helped.... I dusted myself up and kept continuing..

Then the lovely Francine introduced me to a few blogfests and .well..reading and showing a bit of our writing to the world..really really boosted spirits and morale all around..

At a point of time.. I thought might be it's better to give it up..and then.. decided to put my thoughts in a blog post..and voila..the post itself stimulated a new story.. (strange, but true)..

And I'm so thrilled that I did continue in spite of all odds and ends..and that my blog is now 1 yr old ! And I'm still writing :)

Thank you all for staying with me, encouraging me during this tough journey and giving me a virtual helping hand whenever I stumbled and most of all, for being there for me !!!

PS..a short status check is in order for my earlier writing goals..but will post them later..

PPS...I didn't get picked for the Carina Press pitch contest..It pinched..and I did start my day with a heavy heart.. but I'll not let it stop me from editing and subbing through slush..


  1. Congratulations, Ju: In honour of your anniversary, stop by and pick up your "One Lovely Blog" award. It was given to me and I would like to pass it on to someone else deserving. It is in my sidebar, just right click on it and copy it.

    Keep blogging! And check out the blogfests I have listed.

  2. Thanks Wendy..I'll surely drop by...

  3. Thanks Chris :)

    Do I mention how much you inspire me in terms of staying true to my dreams?

  4. Hi,

    Blimey, if it's a one year blog anniversary for you, it must be mine to. Happy Anno, and here's looking at you kid(((swigs champers))).

    But, of course, we all hooked up around the time of the 2009 HM&B comp, and while some seem to have dropped by the wayside, others caught up in group activities, the rest of us are still broadening our horizons in blogland.

    Oh, and the blogfests are still going some, and yeah they are morale boosters in one sense (helpful critiques) but a great way of making new friends, too.

    I'm a bit of a butterfly at the best of times, a terrible flirt too, and staying in one exclusive party zone would be like purgatory to me so blogland is heaven if one dares to enjoy to the full. ;) After all, blogland is a veritable playground, full of exciting people, like a rather dishy scriptwriter who had a run-in with the pink brigade! :o Pink, as in diehard M&B fans. I say never look a gift horse in the mouth, check out its form on the track, make sure you have sugar cubes readily to hand, and always give it benefit of doubt as a potential winner!

    Glad to see you're feeling more positive despite Rs.