Monday, April 26, 2010

Ms Author vs Mr Story - Commitment phobic relation ?!

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There exists a relationship between me, Ms Author and every 'Mr story' I pen down. 

There is the first spark of attraction - when the idea blooms in me and I get the urge to ask the story out on a date or well, if the man has to make the first move, then Mr Story asks Ms Author on a date.

Hmm, interesting things happen... sometimes in a single date, or sometimes it extends up to a couple of more nights ;) No pun intended..while I understand the characters and then, well, um, I write. 

I think I am good there, in holding the key to novellas. The sizzle, passion and more, explored in such a short while.. No time to even pause, breathe and savor the ups and downs of a relation, before things tumble to a happily ever after. ::Sigh:: Pure bliss, isn't it? 

After all, the prince knew Cinderella was his girl in a couple of hours that ended at the stroke of midnight. I think that made a profound impact on my mindset.... And hence I realized that I, Ms Author is the one who is commitment phobic in this arena... to extend beyond the proverbial "3 dates" !

Many have the problem of writing longer stories and then they struggle to chop down, bit by bit...  I have the opposite problem. Am unable to write more than a novella... Not that I have tried and failed..but I am not brave enough to try - yet ! Am afraid to take the relationship to the next level, so to speak.

Out there, there are various tips to cut of chunks in the story, eg, if it doesn't move the plot forward, go ahead, chop it, if the scene does not contribute to character growth, cut, etc

I want to know the other way round. How do I now write words into paper? How can I think beyond a night of action? How can I keep the relationship with my novel alive for a longer time? Throw some tips across ;)

What works for you and what doesn't? Are you in the commitment phobic category like me or the other end of spectrum.. Do share your thoughts ....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wheels of whatever..

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Oh, I didn't mean fortune :)

Last week, my SIL and her twin boys had come for a visit and it was a super-duper time with them :) Man, they were the most curious, busy-bees ever. Always questioning, volunteering for help, fighting to do the dishes - even when they are hardly 7 and tiny for their age, both having asthma.... I could fill this entry with gushes of praise..but let me get to what I intended to openly think about..

I took them to a 'learning' exhibition where they had displayed a lot of stuff that makes science easier.. With them nearing their third grades, I guess it is pretty much important to "sow the seeds" right now...

One of the items there was a "wheel, used in pulling a heavy weight" and I suddenly wondered - if there was anything similar to wheedle out words onto a page ;)

How great it'd be for writers if we find the going getting tough, to take some help to get the creative juices flowing ;) In my case, the ideas are lurking.. but none are coming forward to be written..

When I start writing one, the other incomplete one nags, until I open that too.. With two documents open at same time, I tell you, its darn tough to get anything written.. Blame it on the postponed laundry and cleaning too !!!

But am still happy, though I managed only a thousand or two words in my current WIP, simply because, I did something instead of nothing ;) And I did find some time to catch up on a few critique's that were long overdue. And the house looks relatively clean.. Felt great ! And my CP's sent out their thoughts on my story as well.. Gotta do the edits..

No wise cracks for the week this time. Just got to march ahead and hope for the best!

How did the week go for you?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hear, here I come?

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Uff, after a long break(I think 20 days) from writing, I managed to get about a 1000 words written into my new WIP for an anthology submission :) What a wonderful, exhilarating feeling it is.. being able to write.. It's as if I have stepped out of some restriction that had been chaining me and draining me.. , preventing me from something that is vital - ie writing.. I hope the momentum stays and I get to make some progress before the end of this month..

On another note, the lovely Kerrin has bestowed me a beautiful blogger award and am like - wow, so sweet !

There is a 5-5-5 tag associated with it and I have to answer 5 questions with 5 answers.. Taking a deep breath....and plunging right in..

Question 1 : Where were you five years ago?
1. Holed up in a hostel, home sick and miserable.
2. Got my hands on a few harlequin books from thrift stores and stumbled into what is now a full blown addiction to romance ;)
3. Never thought I'll agree for arranged marriage ;) Hint : You have to ask my DH, how he changed my mind in the 15 mins of private conversation we had when my family met his family, a couple of years later.
4. Writing? Eh - what's that? ::sheepish smiley here::
5. Purchased my first 'victoria's secret' ;)

Question 2: What was(is) on your to-do list?
1. Fight for a job-transfer so I could stay closer to home/parents/sisters.
2. Travel abroad (I did - the same year to US-Chicago)
3. Read as many books as I can ;) - anything to prevent thinking
4. Do something unique, different - like handicraft etc.
5. Write, write, write (present)

Question 3: What 5 snacks do you enjoy? easy one !
1. Pizza (homemade or thincrust)
2. Burgers (yes, its a snack in India where rice / rotis are main items)
3. Nuts(except peanuts) in any form - top it in icecream - yess... dip them in chocolate - double yessss..Eat them as is - yummy ;)
4. Pastries - Especially the fruit pastry & butterscotch ;)
5. Chaat items - like Bhel puri, pani puri etc
Question 4: What five places have you lived?
::Gulp:: I dont think I can fill 5..but let me try.
1. Chennai
2. Coimbatore
3. Bangalore
4. Chicago
5. Swiss (er..does honeymoon count?)
Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
Scratching my head here.. Why haven't I dreamt of such things till date? Too far fetched? Who knew I'll have to answer such a thing at this time? Grrr..let me think of something soon..
1. Give unlimited funds to my immediate family (parents, sisters, in-laws) - all they should do is wish and they should get what they wanted :) Whether it is the vacation my mom's been dreaming about or the rennovations my FIL has been talking about or the scooty my sis has been nagging me about & everything else too. Throw in a mansion or a two into the picture after I get my head wrapped around the fact that am a billionaire :)
2. Support the needy in some way - whether it is through charity or helping them achieve something on their own - I believe its better to teach someone to fish than give them a fish for a day..
3. Invest in a small saving account, so that I can have some money for a rainy day ;) Who knows how the wheels of fortune will turn and when?
4. Er.. maintain some semblance of normalcy by still going to a job.
5. Travel once by first class and see what the hype is all about ;)
Now, for the people whom I have to give this award :
1. Hetal
2. Anna Hackett
3. Empi
4. Roni Griffin
5. Lorraine Nelson
I did manage to conjure up 5 stuffs to answer for all the 5  questions? Great ;) I felt the billionaire thing was the toughest ever... especially for a person who firmly stays with my feet on ground..
What did you find tough to answer??? Do let me know.. once you spill your secrets like I did.. ;)
I am going to write my wish list for every week, so that I can track my progress on the next Monday...Bear with me as I waddle along, trying to find the right path to stay motivated and focused.
Wish List for the week (WLW) : Revise my completed novella. Make some progress on the new one.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Have I woken up yet?

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I'm not sure at all !

Still things feel fuzzy as if I am in a dream. I haven't been reading, haven't been writing, heck, not even wallowing in self pity properly. I am in a limbo, a totally unexpected mental suspension that's taken the wind out of my sails...and here I am, worse than a driftwood floating on water.

I really really need to start writing (counter up to 15 days and still progressing). Why am I not getting the urgency to complete my novella before the due date - this month end to the anthology submission? Gives me a horrible thought - Am I even thinking of submitting or ??

Wondering here..

One side of me rattles me with boulder-like questions that I'm unable to dodge.... Did I jump my guns too early? How could my 'perfect' story be rejected without any feedback whatsoever? Am I crazy to go on this path hoping for a publication?

Other side.. is SILENT ! How could it be so? Shouldn't the creative dreamer in me scream at the outrageous questions posed by the cynical one? Shouldn't my muse bash the troublemaker with a few choice words? Shouldn't she scream - I wouldn't give up to make my ears ring?? Oh wake up my girl, wake up - defend yourself, so that you can follow your dreams !  And for goodness sake, write !  (right?)

How is everyone else doing?