Monday, November 7, 2011

A mini rant, movies and updates...

I hate the new blogger's look. I changed it by mistake -- to this new whatever design -- which literally messed with my formatting and showed only my posts on a plain white background. Well - duh! Why do I have the sidebars then? Where went the "about me" and my favorited "blogs / sites" and then, the little bit where I get to toot my own horn, ie, the follower button? Thanks blogger, but no thanks! 

It was veritable pain in the neck to get back the things to whatever they were, but well :) I sat through it, wasting half a day to get them back - and voila - I'm proud of myself ;) If you can see things dark and gritty - then it means all is well. If you see something gray, white, pasty....holler to me and I'll whack my blog once again! 

Umm..and movies :) This weekend I made it a point to watch all James Bond movies - And all Pierce Brosnan at that!!! I know Sean Connery is the indisputable king, but I <3 Pierce Brosnan! Well..what can I say? :Happy sigh: 

The edits are hopefully, almost, in the final stages and I'm learning some new formatting gimmicks in the meanwhile in MS Word! And new plot bunnies are thankfully silent in the meanwhile.. and I've been trying to figure out some new "social media" stuff.. 

I have a new Author Page on FB : Romance Author Ju Dimello :grin: I did feel like shouting from the roof top about the "Romance Author" part! Come on over, like me if you'd like to! Aaand Has anyone heard of Tribber? No? Well..if you have an invite, do send me one too :p I'll figure it out and let the world know! 

Also, I'm busy packing for my month long trip starting third week Nov. It's going to be partially with internet, partially without! And a whole lot of hard/dusty work.. like helping out parents redo the kitchen and the bath etc... :cough cough: I better pack my anti allergy medications already!!!! 

Oh! And no Nano's for me..Are you doing this year? I guess I could give the reason as my trip..but well..the truth is that I kinda go bonkers in a frenzied environment.. I know - it did make me enthusiastic about getting words down on paper two years ago..but now I feel that quality is more important quantity and even if I write a few measly words per day, I better make them count.. Meaning, I'm a lousy person when it comes to edits...I'd rather get it right the first time around... 

Er..after ages I've written a long post....basically emptied my mind ;) Come on guys, share what's going on in your life presently - and let's sit around a virtual bonfire as the winter sets in... Brrrr...

Psst..Do take a look at my website (just click on the link on the top, below my banner and beside the home) and tell me how's it!!! It's my own baby, created using (Perfect for a html dummy like me!)


  1. Hi Ju .. it's come up pretty with a very legible blog post on white - thankfully ..

    This blog may help with your ongoing blogger problems .. he keeps his finger on the pulse - useful resource I've found .. and as I read each post I sort of keep abreast with what's happening .. and I don't change things!!

    Your trip away sounds a daughterly thing to do for her parents .. I'm sure all will be happy at the end - and they'll be more settled.

    Good luck with all things .. cheers Hilary

  2. Thanks so much, Hilary! I'd surely check that blog!

    The trip away sounds more and more scary and exciting in a different sort of way :) Thanks for your wishes :)

  3. Hi Ju!

    I keep seeing Try the new interface, my hand hovers over it with the mouse but I stop...should I or shouldn't I?

    Have a nice time away! Enjoy your trip!

  4. Just visited your website- fantastic!

  5. Hi Riya,

    Thanks for checking out my website..and on blogger new interface - nopes, I'm not for it :)

  6. I had that problem very early on. Since then I've downloaded and saved a copy of my blogger template, so that if I inadvertently screw up I can (hopefully) get it back again. Haven't needed to try reinstalling yet - fingers crossed!

  7. Hi Ju,

    Lovely website, just checked it out! I can see Jacob-from Twilight siiting there!

    Good on you for being a good daughter- enjoy your trip!

  8. Hi Li,

    That's such a good idea! Maybe I just have to sit and do that for about an hour and save myself loads of headache !!! thanks for suggesting that :)

    Ah ;) Thanks for your kind words, Nas! Jacob....oooh... :p No wonder I'm all for a wolf shifter..

  9. Lovely website Ju! I had a friend set me up with a weebly website, but I'm reluctant to run with 2 blogs (love my present one)

    And good luck with those edits, sure you'll breeze through them =)

  10. I'm bad. Haven't been to your blog in a while. Apologies. It looks fine. Congrats on your new title. I'll have to find you on FB.